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See how Cryogenic Processing can benefit your industry
  1. Excavation
    Cold Iron Processing has set a new standard in excavation wear parts. By consistently providing our customers with no less than 3 times the life over non enhanced parts, they are not only saving thousands in wear part purchases, but making money due to less down time. We can show you the benefits of cryogenics and the results of our enhancement on cutter edges, digger teeth, sprockets, conveyor parts, UHMW truck liners and many other wear items.
  2. Plastics/Polymers
    Polymers have the same successful reaction to the molecular structure as metal wear parts do when Cryogenically Enhanced at Cold Iron Processing. With polymers becoming such a big part of every industry and life, everyone wants to get the most out of their parts that they can. Manufacturing plastic parts is not always environmentally friendly, but with Cold Iron Processing, you can reduce your carbon footprint by making one part last the life of at least three!
  3. Power Sports OEM and Performance Part Enhancement
    Cold Iron Processing gives our customers and race teams the durability and performance where it means the most, on the track. Cold Iron processes both plastic, metal wear parts, and engine components for the power sports industry, providing more durable, longer lasting parts to keep you in the race!
  4. Industrial Machine Tooling
    One of the biggest challenges for any industrial manufacturing facility is tooling. To be successful and put out a product, you have to have tooling that performs, and the supply to replace it when it fails. Not only do you have the cost of replacing the tooling, but the downtime of changing it as well as the lack of parts being produced while down. Cold Iron Processing can enhance your tooling, with guaranteed result of double the life, or your processing fee back. Never before has a tooling solution been able to reduce your tooling budget by 50% or more. Let Cold Iron Processing show you how we can not only freeze your tooling budget, but cut it in half!
  5. Forestry/Bio-Mass
    Looking to increase the life of your Forestry and Bio-Mass wear parts? Hate having to replace or re-sharpen your wear parts in the middle of a production day? By having your wear parts cryogenically enhanced, you will gain a guaranteed 3 times the life over normal off the shelf parts. This will not only gain you income on putting product out, but also save you money in replacement parts as well as down time.
  6. Agriculture
    Cold Iron Processing can extend the wear life on many of your metal and plastic agricultural parts. This saves you precious down time to repair, as well as saves you money in replacement parts. We provide consistent results in tillage, planting, and harvest, as well as parts for dairy and livestock farming. Contact Cold Iron Processing today to see how we can help you, and why we are experts in the field of cryogenic enhancement in agriculture!
  7. Automotive/Performance
    Cold Iron Processing knows how costly and inconvenient automotive repairs can be. It does not matter if it a race car or your everyday driver, we can help keep you on the road and track, and out of the repair shop. By cryogenically enhancing your replacement and wear parts, you will gain 3 times the life over a non-enhanced part, as well as gain performance from the enhanced parts.
  8. Manufacturing
    In order to save you precious down time in repairs and maintenance, Cold Iron Processing can help you identify wear parts that would benefit from our Cryogenic Process to keep your cutters, saw blades, paper slitters and shredders working at top performance longer.
  9. Consumer/Commercial Lawn Care
    Cold Iron Processing also enhances and extends the wear life of many homeowner and professional landscape and lawn care wear parts. From lawnmower blades to trimmer string, we can make your replacement parts last 3 times longer, as well as retain a sharp edge throughout the life of the blades.
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